Fork Lift Attachment
The Detroit Wrecker Forklift attachment allows you to turn your forklift in to a wrecker and towing machine. Forklift attachments for towing allows you to move vehicles quickly and safety, all from the comfort of your old high low or fork lift.
Save Money
Save money with a Forklift Attachment.
Save Time
A Forklift Attachment will save you time.
Reduce Damage
Eliminate damage by using a Fork Lift Addon.
No License Needed
No Towing license needed, simply add and tow.
Better Visibility
Easily see your load in front of you.
Forklift Addon works on almost all Forklifts.

Hex Pivot Pins

Detroit Wrecker's Hex Pin system is the only pin system that can be tightened.


  • Standard Forklift Attachment Unit
  • $11,999.99
  • 82" Crossbar
  • 4" Diameter Hex Pins (Biggest in Industry)
  • 3" Tall Pivot Head & Crossbar
  • 1/4" Thick Bronze Bushing
  • Twin Hex Pin System, Has Ability To Tighten
  • Self Loading Wheel Lift with Hydraulic Arms
  • Ability to Tow Cars & Trucks Up To 9,000 lbs depending upon the capability of the forklift
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